April 19, 2009

Spring Cruise April 18, 2009

It was a wonderful day! Lots of fun! Put over 300 miles on the Goat w/the top down. About 8:30 am we headed to Rockville, IN. We buzzed the courthouse then headed south to Bridgeton and the old grist mill. Next to the mill is the new restored covered bridge. (The original was burned down back in 2005). The restoration is really well done. From there we headed south to Stohl's Lakeview Restaurant at Boggs Lake on US231 for a great fried chicken buffet lunch. Next we cruised south to The French Lick winery. After wine tasting we buzzed over to the beautifully restored West Baden Springs Resort. The place is awesome! From there we headed back north to Grey Bros Cafeteria in Mooresville. Since we were not that hungry, and John Jump had just called me to let me know he and Pat Siler were at the Suds in Greenwood, we did a drive by at Grey Bros, got some fuel nearby and headed to Greenwood for the Suds. The place was really hopping when we arrived about 6:30 pm. Pat Siler was there with his newly restored triple black '70 GTO HT. It is a very nice car.
Cruz'em if ya Got'em
Prez Bill

About 15-20 cars assembled to make the trip.

It just not a cruz if you don't get lost at least twice and somebody gets stuck turning around :)

Restored covered bridge

Bridgeton Mill

Carl's '68 at the grist mill

Cruz'n with friends on a sunny day - wonderful therapy. Zipp'n down the highway in a '66 GTO convertible at 70mph - exhilarating. Having your wife steer from the passenger seat while you take a picture of the action in the rear view mirror - PRICELESS !!!

Jennifer Mowery in the Mowery's beautiful "arrest me" red Firebird T/A Convertible

One of the Brandywine gang topping off the tank... just in case!

No indoor plumb'n at the grist mill

Covered bridge

No, I wasn't standing up in the drivers seat while Rita drove from the passenger side ... but the thought did cross my mind :) Rita took this one.