April 8, 2009

Rocker We Donated Delivered to Riley

A report from Prez Bill Sanders:
Fitz and I delivered the Amish furniture rocker to the Newborn Infant Intensive Care Unit tonight. Our rocker resides in NICU module #2. I want to thank everyone in this club who helps us out along the way each year so we have the funds to do these sort of things." (Pictured below: David Fitzpatrick with the rocker in NICU-2 at Riley Hospital for Children, Indianapolis, IN )

"It is always a sobering experience to visit the NICU. The babies in there are incredible fragile. It is simply amazing what these folks can do for a premature baby that only a few years ago would have had no chance at life." (Pictured below: Bill Sanders, David Fitzpatrick and a NICU RN)

"The RN's were very glad to see us and thanked us a lot. Perhaps we can deliver another rocker or two by years end." (Pictured below: NICU Staff)

Editor's note: Thank you Bill and Fitz for presenting this opportunity for our group to be a part of something so meaningful.

Before closing this post, I'd like to thank Bill and Fitz for this comic relief. Bill titled this one "Fitz will never grow up." I'm thinking "Fitz' new ride!" - Betsy