September 6, 2009

Photos from Pat Siler

Pat Siler sent me some photos in August that I finally got posted to the blog! Thanks Pat! Enjoy!

Betsy, These are pictures from:
- the Gilmore Museum trip that me and fellow member Bruce Troyer went on Aug 1st. This place was fantastic and think the club should try to make trip up there in the futrue..

- the tri-power nationals up in Norwalk. There were several members in attendance...Chuck McDaniel, Carl Cruz, Kenny and Deb Lentz, Craig George, Paul Taylor, Sean Matingly, myself and others. Was a great show even though it rained Sat. Lots of very nice cars.

- POCI Show at Grissom AFB. In attendance was Kenny and Jennifer Mowery, Kenny and Deb Lentz and myself. Pictures include the award winning Kenny and Deb Lentz LeMans, what a good looking car, Mowerys awesome 70 GTO, and my triple black clunker......Pat Siler