June 19, 2009

Rush Power Systems: GTO Parts Source

- An email from Mike Harding
In my constant endeavors to find GTO parts, I have come across a vendor in Utah that has been over the top in terms of knowledge, assistance and attention to detail. His company is Rush Power Systems and the owner’s name is Darren Flint . They specialize in replacement alternators and other electronic items. I was looking for a new, higher amp alternator and came across this guy on the web. He is prompt in his responses and knowledgeable about his products – everything is custom built to order, thoroughly tested and priced competitively. After looking for a new alternator for my 1971 GTO for over two months (and going thru everything the local guys – O’Reilly, AutoZone etc have to offer), I had yet to find anything that would work that would give me more than the 63amps I was getting. Darren came through and created a system that really delivered. For a few more dollars than the local guys, I had a 150amp powerhouse that fit in the same spot as the old one. I am bringing this to the club’s attention for several reasons – good vendors are getting harder to come by, and he will give club members a 10% discount if we put a link on our web site to his. If you order more than one unit, he’ll give a 15% discount. Rush Power Systems web site: http://high-amp.com